The ‘Restore your Core and Thrive’ system is a personalized one on one program that addresses your symptoms from the inside out. The 6-month program involves a deep reconditioning and restoration of the body’s core systems to rebalance hormones so that you can find the most efficient and safest way to alleviate symptoms, retune your body and launch into a thriving midlife with your healthiest self.


6 hours of personal one on one consultations by phone or skype spread out as 9 consults every three weeks.


Weekly check-in emails to stay connected, get clarification and updates on your progress.


6 + research hours behind the scenes integrating your medical history, labs, genetic and hormone testing into your personalized protocol formulations.


Dutch hormone urine testing and interpretation included to measure estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and their metabolites, as well as some amino acids and vitamins.


Personalized herbal or hormone prescription plan specific for your body, your genetics and your personal health goals.


Individualized disease risk assessment and prevention guidelines to reduce your risk for Heart disease, Dementia, Breast Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes.


  • You have personal access to your own hormone specialist and private physician with years of experience to help you sort out fact from fiction, who has your health interests in mind above all else.
  • You aren't on a generic one size fits all protocol that is unable to customize for your particular circumstances or concerns.
  • You have complete privacy in your one on one direct interactions with the physician.
  • You are taking action to discover your best way to support your body through midlife and beyond.
  • You are doing everything in your power to optimize heart, mind, bone and brain health to prevent the most common diseases that afflict woman as they age.
  • While on the program enjoy 15% off supplements.
  • Lab fee discount: Our promise to you is to find the best priced high-quality labs that are available and extend any discounts to you.
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What does the program entail? What should I expect?

First Visit:

90 minutes
Detailed intake and health assessment
  • Review of your current state of health through detailed intakes and assessments.
  • An extensive review of your health history, family history, past medical records and lab work.
  • Full body system assessment with a focus on hormone balancing.
  • Risk assessment for common diseases associated with aging like heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia, breast cancer and others.
Functional lab tests ordered
  • Hormone testing will be ordered now or at the most appropriate time through the 6-month program. (included in program).
  • Genetic testing requested- we vary testing companies based on each woman’s unique set of symptoms. Dr Plaza respects women who don’t want this testing done and can work around it.
  • Other lab tests ordered if necessary, based on your symptoms, health history and disease risk.
Education and Treatment Initiation
  • Dr Plaza believes that knowledge is a powerful motivator and takes the time to educate you about what is going on in your body, so you understand the reasoning behind the protocols she recommends.
  • You will begin a treatment protocol for symptom relief.
  • A customized Anti-inflammatory detoxification diet plan will be formulated for you based on your unique symptoms.

Second visit:

60 minutes
Follow up assessment and treatment
  • Reevaluation of symptoms on anti-inflammatory detoxification diet.
  • Initiate protocols directed at underlying imbalances in the body to optimize Digestion, Detoxification, Adrenal and Thyroid function, Brain chemistry and any other systems that need support. This will vary for each woman.
  • Identification of your inflammatory food triggers with a fine-tuning of your Anti-inflammatory detoxification plan.
  • Additional labs ordered if necessary based on your symptoms and progress through the program.

6 Follow ups visits:

30 minutes
Fine tuning and creation of your customized protocols
  • Hormone testing review with a focus on how to optimize your hormone balance and assure you are metabolizing your hormones in a heart and breast healthy way.
  • Genetic testing review to address your unique nutritional needs and disease risk factors.
  • Since each woman is different the progress through these visits vary as we continue to address your underlying imbalances and optimize digestion, detoxification, adrenal and thyroid function, brain chemistry and any other areas of the body that need attention.
  • Continual fine-tuning of treatment recommendations based on your response to ultimately create your personalized protocol to restore and optimize your hormones and ensure a thriving midlife!

Book a free 15-minute consult to see if we are a good fit to work together:

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